Romance your senses

combined senses 2

Hide and Seek (Book Two: Sight) of the Senses Series just released!

It’s about the birds and the bees…  Hope Buchanan runs Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary in steamy Broome, Western Australia. When American hotel developer Sullivan O’Dare arrives and threatens the birds’ natural habitat, she’ll fight him any way she can … but is her heart really in it? Or has it taken flight?

 “A happy ending love story to satisfy the most romantic soul.”

Black Diamonds (Book One: Taste) Number 7 on iTunes! Kobo Hot 50 in Romance!

A small Australian farmer battles an enigmatic French magnate in a world of exotic locations, luxurious tastes, and the most expensive flavour in the world. For fans of Emma Darcy and Lynne Graham.

“It is much more than a romance …” “You’ll be inspired to experience truffles in new ways!”