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Orana! Seasonal Wishes to You

Thank you to all the wonderful readers who have been in touch with me about my books. It’s been a real privilege and one I’ll reflect on over the festive season with gratitude.

cover43491-smallReaders of my Australian contemporary romance Hide and Seek know how much I love birds so here’s a link to the little known Australian Christmas carol: The Carol of the Birds written by William Garnet James & John Wheeler. (Orana is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning welcome.)

Season’s greetings!


Going Wild Flower with Orchidmania

dancing in Singapore

Eliza Redgold (Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd) dancing in Singapore

Of late I’ve been writing about orchidmania. In August 2015 my novella Wild Flower published by Harlequin Escape released: ” Orchids drive us wild … For centuries fragrant orchids have made potent love potions. Exotic orchid expert Dianella Lee doesn’t expect to have anything in common with American tech whiz Wade Hamilton when he arrives in Australia. The scent of love arouses a powerful connection of opposites, but will distance pull them apart?”

pink fairy orchid

A pink fairy orchid I spotted on the Rainbow Coast in Western Australia

WildFlower-Harlequin1920_1920x3022 (1)From its exotic setting on the spectacular rainbow coast of Australia to sultry Singapore,  I hope you’ll be allured by Wild Flower.  Orchids bloom along the Rainbow Coast on the southern west tip of Western Australia. In Spring there is a carpet of beauty. Like the hero of Wild Flower I got orchidmania there too!  In Singapore, the National Orchid Garden at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore is an orchid lover’s paradise. The garden contains over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids and one of the largest tropical displays in the world.

Singapore is one of my favourite places. I used to lecture there regularly – and then go out dancing at night!

Wishing you dancing shoes!


Flying High for Romance

Of late I’ve been writing about flying. Hide and Seek was a special book to me because it brought back many childhood memories of growing up as a flying doctor’s daughter. Some of my earliest recollections are of flying and of the dry and dusty outback towns we lived in. I also experienced a runway plane crash, just like Hope, the heroine of Hide and Seek – though it didn’t have the same tragic consequences. My father also worked as a doctor in Broome (where Hide and Seek is set). To get there, we would fly for many hours in a creaky old plane.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service continues to do life-saving work, taking medical care to Australia’s furthest corners. Some of the royalties from this book will go to the RFDS.

 Hide and Seek was released in 2015 in a 3-in-1 summer bestseller print collection: Time for the Beach but it is also available singly as an e-book. Enjoy!

cover43491-smallTime for the Beach Cover


Hoping 2015 is off to a flying start for you,

Best wishes,


Flying near Broome






Flying near Broome in an open sided helicopter!

Romance YOUR Senses

Green heart


“We do not put beauty or love or order into the world. We find them there.” ~ James Hillman: The Force of Character (1999).

One of the first pieces of fiction writing advice I received was to ‘use my senses’. To be honest, I had no idea how. As an academic of the absent-minded professor variety (as my university students will attest) I often didn’t notice what was around me, wandering around campus lost in thought. So, one by one, I decided to ‘romance my senses’ in my own backyard, by exploring the region where I live and writing about each sense. What an adventure!

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The first in the senses series is Black Diamonds, set in the world of delicious truffles. It focused on taste.  Western Australia, where I live, is a wine region, but I didn’t know it was also a truffle region. Yum! When the novel was accepted by Harlequin, my husband and I were so thrilled we threw caution (and savings) to the wind and flew to France to explore the other location in Black Diamonds in the south of France. Bon appetit! It was one of the most exciting trips of my life.

Hide and Seek, number two in the ‘senses series’, is all about sight and sound.  To my own astonishment and that of my family, who soon joined in, I became a bird-watcher, discovering the extraordinary birdlife in the Australian bush, in particular in Broome, the gorgeous Hide and Seek location on the north coast of Western Australia. Birds are all we have left of the angels, I’ve heard it said, and appreciating them has added a heavenly dimension to life. Now, I’m always wishing I had my binoculars.

The third in the senses series is a novella called Wild Flower (2015 release). You guessed it – all about scent. The flowers that bloom in Western Australia include rare, tiny orchids I would previously have stepped on or walked on by. Now I stop and breathe in the scents, but I don’t pick them (if you read the story you’ll find out why). The other location in Wild Flower is Singapore, where I’ve often visited to give lectures. It’s an orchid hot spot too, but I’d never even been to the Botanic Gardens. It will now always be a stop on my itinerary.

And touch? Well, all romances are about exploring the sense of touch!

In your own backyard, in the place where you live, there are unique tastes, sights, scents, textures and sounds just waiting for you to discover them.

Find the beauty, love and order in your world.

Begin your adventure…

Romance YOUR senses.

Check out the books in the series at Harlequin Escape Publishing



WildFlower-Harlequin1920_1920x3022 (1)


Romancing Broome

Fancy some tropical heat? A dip in a thermal pool? Or a little bird-watching? Why not kick back and take a virtual tour of the location of my new romance Hide and Seek:

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  • Start by mixing yourself a tropical cocktail just like hero and heroine Sullivan and Hope enjoy at the Cable Beach bar:

To make a tropical Tequila Sunrise (like Hope)

go to http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/3121/tequila+sunrise

To mix a sophisticated Tom Collins (like Sullivan)

go to


Drink in hand – start your tour:

  • Hide and Seek is set in the extraordinary town of Broome, Western Australia. Not only is it the pearling capital of Australia, but Broome is also a wonderful town from which to explore one of the last great wildernesses of the world, the Kimberley desert. Broome itself has some great attractions, from the sunsets at Cable Beach to its laid back lifestyle, and of course, its birds. To kick back and enjoy some Broome time, go to http://www.westernaustralia.com/en/Destination/Broome/9009574;
  • Zebedee Falls, an oasis in the Kimberley desert, is the inspiration for the thermal pool Hope and Sullivan enjoy (there are many other amazing swimming holes hidden away). It is only open to the public at certain times due to its fragile ecosystem. Dive in for more information about Zebedee Falls at http://www.elquestro.com.au/The-Homestead-About.aspx
  • While Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary is fictional, the Broome Bird Observatory is well worth a visit. You can discover more at http://broomebirdobservatory.com/  Many rare and beautiful Australian birds are under threat today. For more general information about native birds and bird watching, and how to support campaigns for their conservation, go to Birdlife Australia at http://www.birdlife.org.au/

Now .. back to the bar… and watch the camels pass you by… Happy Landings!

Hide and Seek is available from Harlequin Escape Publishing