Eliza Redgold is the natural pen-name of ‘romantic academic’ Elizabeth Reid Boyd Ph.D.

Her best selling fiction includes romances for Harlequin (Harper Collins) London and historical fiction for St Martin’s Press (Macmillan) New York.

As an academic she has written  on Love Studies for The Conversation, about her experience as a ‘romantic academic’ in The Guardian and on moral imagination in the World Economic Forum.

Offers a satisfying blend of history, lore, and romance.
~ Booklist

Excellent research and brilliant writing. Perfect Ten Award.
~ Romance Reviews Today

NEW in 2021

‘Art of Deception’ Quills Edition

I’m absolutely delighted to announce the February 2021 release of Art of Deception, a Quills edition that contains two Victorian ...
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Dresses 1855

Maud’s World

Historical Notes for The Master’s New Governess The Figure of the Governess. The governess was a familiar figure in Victorian ...
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Butterfly Vivarium

Viva Vivarium

‘Good morning, Miss Wilmot.’Maud entered the schoolroom to find Sir Dominic standing by the window. The sunlight streamed in, putting ...
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Suffrage Watch

Violet’s World

Historical Notes for The Scandalous Suffragette Violet’s story celebrates every woman who ever fought for the rights we enjoy today ...
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A Mindful Beauty Prayer

Beauty is a form of grace. It lights up our faces. It lights up the world. Try these beautiful prayers ...
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Media Articles

Love, Academically: Why Scholarly Hearts are Beating for Love Studies
~ The Conversation

How Creativity can help us cultivate Moral Imagination
~ The Conversation

Are you a Princess, a Queen or a Lady?

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