• Are you more likely to be led by your:
  1. Heart
  2. Mind
  3. Spirit?
  • Would you be most likely to be described as:
  1. Affectionate and fun-loving
  2. Charismatic and confident
  3. Independent and insightful?
  • Do you prefer to:
  1. Let life take care of itself
  2. Take control of your life
  3. Seek life’s meaning?
  • Would others say you usually:
  1. Attract attention
  2. Command attention
  3. It’s difficult to get your attention?
  • Socially, are you more often:
  1. The life of the party
  2. The centre of a select group
  3. A wallflower, unless you know people well?
  • At work do you generally:
  1. Chat and interact
  2. Have others come to you for assistance and advice
  3. Just get on with your work?
  • At home, are you most likely to be found:
  1. In good company, in the living room
  2. In the heart/hearth of your home, in the kitchen
  3. In the sanctuary of your bedroom?
  • If you had any faults would they include being:
  1. Selfish and careless
  2. Bossy and controlling
  3. Snobbish and aloof?
  • In a conflict situation, do you:
  1. Stamp your foot
  2. Over-rule
  3. Retreat?
  • Behind closed doors, you are:
  1. Playfully flirtatious
  2. Powerfully sensual
  3. Secretly sexy?


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If your answers were mostly 1 you reflect a PRINCESS. WELCOME YOUR HIGHNESS!  


The Sparkling Princess:

The light-hearted Princess is eternally enchanting. A Princess has joie de vivre, a true joy of life that can never be disguised. No matter how she appears, you can recognise a Princess because life is full of fun and laughter when she’s around. In fairy tales, the status of a Princess is sometimes kept secret before revelation of who she is.  But a real Princess will always come sparkling through.



If your answers were mostly 2 you reflect a QUEEN. WELCOME YOUR MAJESTY!

The Glowing Queen:

The Queen is a little wiser than the Princess, though she may be no older. A Queen archetype is about majesty and dignity. You can recognise a Queen by her command of attention and respect. A Queen can have more experience in life, but not necessarily so. Even a very young woman can have wisdom beyond her years, and it’s often due to her glowing inner Queen.  A mighty Queen will have faced and won battles, and this will have burnished her brightness.



If your answers were mostly 3 you reflect a LADY. WELCOME YOUR GRACE!

The Shining Lady:

The Lady archetype is about a noble quest for honour, adventure and high standards. A Lady is the female aspect of the knight, valiantly riding into battle, defending those in need.  There’s a Lady of the Manor, a Lady in Waiting and a Lady Bountiful.  But a true Lady will not wait forever, and will heed her call, riding out when needed, bearing her gifts.

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Text: © 2018 Eliza Redgold/Elizabeth Reid Boyd. All rights reserved. Images: Public Domain. 1845. The Flowers Personified. J.J. Grandville.  www.elizaredgold.com