Are you a Princess, a Queen or a Lady?



  • Are you more likely to be led by your:
  1. Heart
  2. Mind
  3. Spirit?
  • Would you be most likely to be described as:
  1. Affectionate and fun-loving
  2. Charismatic and confident
  3. Independent and insightful?
  • Do you prefer to:
  1. Let life take care of itself
  2. Take control of your life
  3. Seek life’s meaning?
  • Would others say you usually:
  1. Attract attention
  2. Command attention
  3. It’s difficult to get your attention?
  • Socially, are you more often:
  1. The life of the party
  2. The centre of a select group
  3. A wallflower, unless you know people well?
  • At work do you generally:
  1. Chat and interact
  2. Have others come to you for assistance and advice
  3. Just get on with your work?
  • At home, are you most likely to be found:
  1. In good company, in the living room
  2. In the heart/hearth of your home, in the kitchen
  3. In the sanctuary of your bedroom?
  • If you had any faults would they include being:
  1. Selfish and careless
  2. Bossy and controlling
  3. Snobbish and aloof?
  • In a conflict situation, do you:
  1. Stamp your foot
  2. Over-rule
  3. Retreat?

       Behind closed doors, are you:

  1. Playfully flirtatious
  2. Powerfully sensual
  3. Secretly sexy?

Did you score mostly 1, 2 or 3?


WELCOME YOUR HIGHNESS! If your answers were mostly 1, you reflect a PRINCESS. 

The Sparkling Princess:

The light-hearted Princess is eternally enchanting. A Princess has joie de vivre, a true joy of life that can never be disguised. No matter how she appears, you can recognise a Princess because life is full of fun and laughter when she’s around. In fairy tales, the status of a Princess is sometimes kept secret before revelation of who she is.  But a real Princess will always come sparkling through.

The Power and Wisdom of the Princess: As a Princess, you appreciate the pleasures of life. Your warm and giving nature brings happiness to others. You are blessed with innate optimism and resourcefulness. You’re charming and appealing, but you don’t like to be underestimated, and you like your wishes to be answered. You have the air of the heiress about you, and a deeply held, though sometimes hidden, sense of being special and cherished. This is a source of strength for a Princess, and a reminder of all the good things in life you seek and deserve. Honouring your Princess archetype means following the wisdom of your heart’s desire, and staying attuned to your positive thinking and self-belief.

 Gifts of a Princess: You have within you the eternal maiden and an appealing vitality. You glitter and glisten in good company. You have a light touch and a gleam in your eye. You see the possibilities in things and illuminate other people.

Fabled Princesses: The Real Princess; Cinderella; Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty); Snow White; Princess Mayblossom (La Princesse Printaniere); Princess Ariel (The Little Mermaid); Beauty/Belle (Beauty and the Beast); Princess Rosette (Princess Rosette); Princess Jasmine (Aladdin), Xena, the Warrior Princess; Tiana (The Princess and the Pea).

 Princess Feast Day: 1st day of Spring. This festival celebrates eternal re-birth of inner growth and blossoming. It is connected to the mythic maiden Persephone, who brings new life to the earth when she returns from her dark winter underground; a motif which reappears in fairy tales when princesses reawaken and are brought to life (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty).


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WELCOME YOUR MAJESTY! If your answers were mostly 2, you reflect a QUEEN.

The Glowing Queen:

The Queen is a little wiser than the Princess, though she may be no older. A Queen archetype is about majesty and dignity. You can recognise a Queen by her command of attention and respect. A Queen can have more experience in life, but not necessarily so. Even a very young woman can have wisdom beyond her years, and it’s often due to her glowing inner Queen.  A mighty Queen will have faced and won battles, and this will have burnished her brightness.

The Power and Wisdom of the Queen: As a Queen, you have power and wisdom you are prepared to use.  You know your strength and will do what needs to be done. If necessary, you will lay down the law.  You are clever and discerning. It was a wise Queen who knew to put the pea under the mattress. But though a wise woman, a Queen is no old crone – your inner Queen is both bewitching and beautiful. As a Queen, you are rightfully crowned with glory. Honouring your Queen archetype means inner recognition of your right royal worth, and trusting in your personal power and self-confidence. Have a long and magnificent reign. Rule wisely and well, and aim always to live up to your inner stature. 

Gifts of a Queen: You have a strong sense of majesty. You will be the person others turn to for advice and initiative. You’re a natural leader and you may inspire awe. You will always be noticed and others may try to emulate you.

Fabled Queens: Queen Guenevere (Arthur and Guenevere); Queen Isolde (Tristan and Isolde); Queen Igraine (mother of Arthur and Morgan le Fay); The Miller’s Daughter/Queen (Rumpelstiltskin); the Queen (The Little Good Mouse); Queen Mab (Queen of the Fairies); Queen Scheherazade (Arabian Nights); the Queen of Sheba; Boudiccea.

Queen Feast Day: May Day: 1st May (or 1st December, southern hemisphere). On the first day of summer a Queen of the May has traditionally been chosen and crowned in an old festival. From this comes the idea of being Queen for a Day. May Day has many ancient customs of sensual rites and dances marking the start of summer. This festival recognises and celebrates female power and a full bloom, sensual beauty.



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 WELCOME YOUR GRACE! If your answers were mostly 3, you reflect a LADY.

The Shining Lady:

The Lady archetype is about a noble quest for honour, adventure and high standards. A Lady is the female aspect of the knight, valiantly riding into battle, defending those in need.   There’s a Lady of the Manor, a Lady in Waiting and a Lady Bountiful.  But a true Lady will not wait forever, and will heed her call, riding out when needed, bearing her gifts.

 The Power and Wisdom of the Lady: As a Lady you are empowered by your inner valour. You may be known for your determination and adventurousness, though you can also be retiring and solitary. You may appear as demure and ‘ladylike’, but you are often secretly feisty and spirited, and underneath you always have a strong will. You can be unconventional.  In legend, it’s frequently a Lady who sets off in a new direction, sometimes in disguise. As a Lady, go your own way. Trust your independent inner voice and stand up for what you believe in. Use your spiritual strength for good. Honouring your Lady archetype means shining your light. Offer guidance and always show the way by honouring yourself first.

Gifts of a Lady: You will be the person who champions and defends a cause.  You may inspire devotion in others. You are a burning beacon and have more influence in the world than you ever realise. 

Fabled Ladies: Mulan; Rapunzel; Elise (The Wild Swans); The Lady of the Lake (aka. Vivienne, Nimue, Grail legends); the Lady Enid (Grail legends); Lady/Maid Marian (Robin Hood); Lady Godiva; Jean of Arc. 

Lady Feast Day: Lady Day: 25th March. Lady Day is an ancient feast day connected to the Spring Equinox. It later became rededicated to the Sacred Feminine in the form of the feast of the Annunciation, in honour of the Angel Gabriel’s visitation to Mary. Lady Day was New Year’s Day until the early 17th century. This festival celebrates fruitful spiritual gifts and readiness to serve.


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Text: © 2018 Eliza Redgold/Elizabeth Reid Boyd. All rights reserved. Images: Public Domain. 1845. The Flowers Personified. J.J. Grandville.