Body Talk

A Power Guide for Girls!

Is your body tired of being talked at, judged, gossiped about, silenced or ignored?

Then this is the book for you. It’s time to take control of the talk, so the conversation starts going your way.

You have more freedom than before, but you also have more challenges. Body Talk gives you power tips on how to face these challenges. Packed with talk by real girls about real issues, it will help you speak out, change your life and achieve the happiness you deserve.

“Body Talk by Elizabeth Reid Boyd and Abigail Bray shows girls how to power through today’s image driven world…”
~ Reader’s Digest, Great Books on Body Talk

“This inspiring book tackles tricky girls’ issues like self-esteem, bullying and body image in an informative and interesting way …
Body Talk was written for teenage girls, but it’s also an excellent book for parents.
There are some salutary reminders for those no longer in their teens.”
~ Herald Sun on Body Talk

“This inspiring book tackles tricky girls’ issues like self-esteem, bullying and body image in an informative and interesting way. A great guide for older girls.”
~ Barbie magazine on Body Talk

“This book is a celebration of being young and encourages us to face all our little demons.”
 ~ Girlfriend magazine on Body Talk

“Body Talk goes beyond the mechanics of adolescent physical change and examines the social impact of these changes, both positive and negative.”
~ Vogue Girl on Body Talk

“Body Talk talks about the politics of body image. In a way, it is old fashioned consciousness raising.”
~ The Age on Body Talk

 “At last, an inspiring “how to” for young women making their way through the “post Feminist” maze of traps and contradictions! 
Can someone make it available to all high school girls?”
~ Michelle Hovane, Women’s Hour, RTRFM on Body Talk

Elizabeth Reid Boyd PhD and Abigail Bray PhD

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First published in 2005

Available as Paperback & eBook.

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Body Talk Creative Writing Workshops

“Power means holding your head high no matter what you look like. It means speaking out when you’ve been told you have nothing to say. It means having the courage to celebrate your difference, your uniqueness, believing your own story and not someone else’s vision of who you should be. It’s about cherishing your unique self … Real power, the sort you use every day, isn’t about conforming to an image. It’s about creating a space for yourself and writing your own script, your own story….”
~ from the Introduction to Body Talk: A Power Guide for Girls by Elizabeth Reid Boyd and Abigail Bray

Body Talk creative writing workshops have given participants a chance to write about some of the personal challenges that face so many young people today. Workshops have been held in high schools, primary schools and after school groups with both girls and boys. In the workshops, the participants learnt to write in different genres and improve their writing skills, as well as learning to deal with real life problems.

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