Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

We know her name. We know of her naked ride.
We don’t know her true story.

We all know the legend of Lady Godiva, who famously rode naked through the streets of Coventry, covered only by her long, flowing hair. So the story goes, she begged her husband Lord Leofric of Mercia to lift a high tax on her people, who would starve if forced to pay. Lord Leofric demanded a forfeit: that Godiva ride naked on horseback through the town. There are various endings to Godiva’s ride, that all the people of Coventry closed their doors and refused to look upon their liege lady (except for ‘peeping Tom’) and that her husband, in remorse, lifted the tax. Naked is an original version of Godiva’s tale with a twist that may be closer to the truth: by the end of his life Leofric had fallen deeply in love with Lady Godiva. 

“A tale of legendary courage and extraordinary passion, Naked brings an epic story new voice.”
~ St Martin’s Press, New York

“You think you may know the story of Lady Godiva and her famous ride, but here’s the story you don’t know …”  
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“Redgold’s style of storytelling leaves the reader hungry for more, ravishing on each chapter, scanning the words wildly, chasing after the next scene . . .
her imaginative retelling of this Tennyson poem leaps off of the pages.”
~ Manhattan Book Review on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“Kept me enthralled.”
~ Mary-Jo Putney, NY Times best-selling author, on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“Naked pulls Lady Godiva from the mists of legend into vivid, feminist life.”
~ Anne Gracie, award-winning, best-selling author on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“When I sat down to read Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva I did not think I would be closing the back cover a mere five hours later, but that is exactly what happened.
From the second I started Eliza Redgold’s novel about the famous Lady Godiva I was hooked, and I could not put it down.”
~ The Tipsy Verse on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“I can’t even begin to express how much I loved Naked. It’s a story that went straight to my heart and it will always remain there.”
~ on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“Redgold’s variation on this enticing legend is often lyrical and offers a satisfying blend of history, lore, and romance.”
~ Booklist on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

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Read some of Eliza Redgold’s (Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd’s) research on Lady Godiva:

“The legend of Lady Godiva has lasted for centuries. Her tale has been revived time and time again,
especially during eras of change and liberation in women’s lives. This is one such time …”
~ Elizabeth Reid Boyd PhD

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“Naked delivers far more than the famous ride of Lady Godiva. It’s a beautifully woven story of love, loyalty, and the determination
of a young woman to protect her people and their way of life, no matter the price.
Godiva is a wonderfully strong woman in an age of dangerous men, and in NAKED, she certainly meets her match!”
Amalia Carosella, Author of Helen of Sparta, on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“Lady Godiva of Coventry gets a bold new retelling in Eliza Redgold’s Naked, which breathes new life into the story of the woman
who would stop at nothing to protect her land and people.”

~ Romantic Times on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“A wonderful, romantic retelling of the Lady Godiva legend. There is the colorful Anglo-Saxon backdrop, warriors, battles, peacemaking,
desire, revenge and love – everything a fan of medieval romance could desire – plus a strong-willed heroin.
Written with a lyrical lilt to her prose, Redgold adds realism to the myth and love to the lusty tale, allowing readers a glimpse into what might have been.”
~ RT Book Reviews on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

“Naked makes a credible and realistic explanation through excellent research and brilliant writing. Godiva and Leofric lived in harsh times,
and this story presents an interesting interpretation to a long ago time.”
~ Romance Reviews Today, Perfect 10 Award, on Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva

Coming Soon … Lost voices. Lost Lore. Lost Love. Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva is the first in a trilogy
that brings back the story of a ‘Legendary Lady’ to tell it from her point of view and twist her tale.
Who is the next Lady of Legend?