Spiritual Aristocracy Series

Are you a Princess, a Queen or a Lady?

Aristos means best … Let your Aristocratic Archetype bring out the best in you. Find your perfect match, a Prince, a King or a Knight. Harness your inner wisdom with centuries-old female lore.

Inspiritrix … be ready to inspire.

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The light-hearted Princess is eternally enchanting. A Princess has joie de vivre, a true joy of life that can never be disguised. No matter how she appears, you can recognise a Princess because life is full of fun and laughter when she’s around. In fairy tales, the status of a Princess is sometimes kept secret before revelation of who she is.  But a real Princess will always come sparkling through…

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A Queen archetype is about majesty and dignity. You can recognise a Queen by her command of attention and respect. A Queen can have more experience in life, but not necessarily so. Even a very young woman can have wisdom beyond her years, and it’s often due to her glowing inner Queen.  A mighty Queen will have faced and won battles, and this will have burnished her brightness.

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The Lady archetype is about a noble quest for honour, adventure and high standards. A Lady is the female aspect of the knight, valiantly riding into battle, defending those in need.   There’s a Lady of the Manor, a Lady in Waiting and a Lady Bountiful.  But a true Lady will not wait forever, and will heed her call, riding out when needed, bearing her gifts.

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The Spiritual Aristocracy series includes Inspiritrix: The Complete Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook and individual handbooks for each Aristocratic Archetype: The Real Princess, The Queen of the Castle, and Lady Love. They can all be purchased on Amazon.

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The Secrets of Mindful Beauty

Elizabeth Reid Boyd and Jessica Moncrieff-Boyd

If you think the answer to anti-aging and looking good comes from a jar, a salon, or a surgical procedure: think again. The best beauty treatment is in your own mind.

Did you know

Depression can give you wrinkles
Insomnia can cause sagging skin
Anxiety can increase reddening and skin rashes
Stress can result in acne and hair loss
and much more?

Discover the secrets of mindful beauty. Lose your permanent frown. Smooth your worried brow without Botox. Turn your sag lines into smile lines. These age-defying techniques have been specially created for a happier, more beautiful you.

Mindful Beauty is a way of applying the practices of mindfulness to our physical health and well-being. Many of our routines around beauty lend themselves to mindfulness, and this will not only enhance the experience, but also have ongoing positive beautifying effects by reducing the stress and anxiety that can affect how we look and feel.

Out Now with Skyhorse Publishing, New York

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Or visit us at www.mindfulbeauty.net


Body Talk (2)

Body Talk: A Power Guide for Girls

Elizabeth Reid Boyd PhD and Abigail Bray PhD

Is your body tired of being talked at, judged, gossiped about, silenced or ignored?

Then this is the book for you. It’s time to take control of the talk, so the conversation starts going your way.

You have more freedom than before, but you also have more challenges. Body Talk gives you power tips on how to face these challenges. Packed with talk by real girls about real issues, it will help you speak out, change your life and achieve the happiness you deserve.

Published by Hachette Livre  Read Reviews

Buy the Book Now available on Amazon Kindle

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