Spiritual Aristocracy Series

“In spite of, or perhaps because of, their power, the words Princess, Queen and Lady have become tarnished over time. Female words are particularly susceptible to being corrupted and misused, and Princess, Queen and Lady are no exception. Being called a Princess is sometimes used as an insult (don’t be such a Princess!). The word Queen is dragged down by the accusation of being bossy or controlling (‘who made you the Queen?’). A Lady has long been equated with being prissy, uppity or snobbish (‘ooh, la di da!’) It’s time to restore these words, with all their radiance, to their rightful place. There is much more to them than today’s tired stereotypes. That’s why at a very deep level they still appeal to us. They have spiritual strength and positive energy that can never be suppressed.”
~ from the Introduction to Inspiritrix: The Complete Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook
Elizabeth Reid Boyd PhD


The Complete Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook

Is there a hidden Princess within you? A powerful Queen? Or a noble Lady? Aristos means best. Your Aristocratic Archetype is waiting to guide you into your best life. INSPIRITRIX is a treasury of long-lost traditions we need today.

Based on timeless fairy tales, courtly customs and medieval mysticism, it will take you on an empowering journey: to claim the gifts within you, and a rich way of life we have almost forgotten.

Discover how to:

  • Activate your own Aristocratic Archetype: a Princess, Queen or Lady;
  • Recognize the other female Aristocratic Archetypes and how they affect you;
  • Discover your secret status symbols and recharge their hidden meanings;
  • Discover the fairy tale language of clothes and redress your power;
  • Create codes of courtesy and chivalry and receive the respect you deserve;
  • Revive ancient courtly love arts and practice timeless regal and romantic rituals;
  • Meet the masculine Aristocratic Archetypes: a Prince, Knight or King;
  • Reveal your true love match and revolutionise your relationships;
  • Transform your life and live happily ever after.

The complete Inspiritrix: Spiritual Aristocracy Sourcebook incorporates The Real Princess, The Queen of the Castle, Lady Love and much more.

Inspiritix. Be ready to inspire.

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The Real Princess

Welcome your Highness! The light-hearted Princess is eternally enchanting. A Princess archetype has joie de vivre, a true joy of life that can never be disguised. No matter how she appears, you can recognise a Princess because life is full of fun and laughter when she’s around. In fairy tales, the status of a Princess is sometimes kept secret before revelation of who she is.  But a real Princess will always come sparkling through. Discover how to access the highness of the Princess in this individual handbook.

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The Queen of the Castle

Welcome your Majesty! The Queen is a little wiser than the Princess, though she may be no older. A Queen archetype is about majesty and dignity. You can recognise a Queen by her command of attention and respect. A Queen can have more experience in life, but not necessarily so. Even a very young woman can have wisdom beyond her years, and it’s often due to her glowing inner Queen.  A mighty Queen will have faced and won battles, and this will have burnished her brightness. Discover how to access the majesty of the Queen in this individual handbook.

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Lady Love

Welcome your Grace! The Lady archetype is about a noble quest for honour, adventure and high standards. A Lady is the female aspect of the knight, valiantly riding into battle, defending those in need.   There’s a Lady of the Manor, a Lady in Waiting and a Lady Bountiful.  But a true Lady will not wait forever, and will heed her call, riding out when needed, bearing her gifts. Discover how to access the grace of the Lady in this individual handbook.

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