The Secrets of Mindful Beauty

Where the science of mindfulness meets the art of self-care.


Mindful Beauty is a way of applying mindfulness training to our physical health and beauty for increased well-being. Many of our routines around beauty lend themselves to mindfulness, and this will not only enhance the experience, but also have ongoing positive beautifying effects by reducing the stress and anxiety that can affect how we look and feel. 

A unique beauty book, The Secrets of Mindful Beauty provides women with mind-body techniques in mindfulness and self-care that will change how you look and how you feel. The Secrets of Mindful Beauty hit number one on Amazon in both Health/Beauty and Mindfulness categories concurrently.

The international AMAZON, iTUNES and KOBO bestseller!

As featured in Australian NATURAL HEALTH magazine.

“To look and feel your best, apply the practices of mindfulness! Let your natural beauty shine with these effective
self-care techniques designed to improve your overall well-being.” 
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“For me, The Secrets of Mindful Beauty is summed up in one line toward the end of the book: “Practicing mindfulness is a way of cultivating grace.” This is a book about the art of being at peace in the present moment, moving positively through the world, quieting your negative thoughts and treasuring all the good that is in you. It suggests strategies for achieving mindfulness in the simple practices of our daily beauty routines: self-care, physically and mentally.”
AMAZON on The Secrets of Mindful Beauty

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Meet the authors, a mother & daughter team …

Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd has degrees in psychology and gender studies. She has taught interpersonal, communication, and personal development skills including meditation, self-awareness, self-care, and mindfulness at the university level for almost two decades. She writes fiction as Eliza Redgold.

Dr Jessica Moncrieff-Boyd has received training in several therapeutic disciplines, including mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy. She has completed a combined master’s/doctorate in clinical psychology, researching in the area of body image. She has experience working with women and adolescents.

The amazing landscape photographs in the book were taken by photographer Steve Fraser.
Australian Geographic recently described Steve as “a master of light and composition who is one of Australia’s foremost landscape photographers.